Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tutorial: How to make Prima like flowers

Good evening!

Here is a little tutorial I've made on how to make Prima like paper flowers.
Its really quick & easy and all you'll be needing is:

1 punched flower
sharp tool { I use chinese sticks}
round metal tool { I use the other side of my craft knife}.

Step 1:

Make 1 punched paper flower { any shape you like}

Step 2:

Use scissors and cut between each petal {in case you are using the shape of the flower I used on the video} so you can have gaps between petals. Just make sure you do not cut all the way till the center. Leave few mm.

Step 3:

Flip your flower on the back side and place it on the foam pad. 
NOTE: You can only use foam pad.

Use your sharp tool {I use chinese food sticks. Make sure you are not using tool that is so sharp that can rip the paper} and start drawing lines on each petal, following its shape. Score around each petal separately and do the same in the middle.
This will make 'lines' and give an extra texture to your flowers.

Step 4:

Now, use your round tool {any tool that has a ball shape, preferably metal. I use the other side of my craft knife}.
Press the round tool in the middle of each petal and start making up&down motions {from center of the flower, till the corner of the petal}.
You will notice that flower will start to band and corners will go up from the pad.

Step 5:

Flip your flower to the front side.

Step 6:

Again, use your round tool and press it on the center of the flower making circular motions.
You will notice that petals will start to curve up.

Step 7:

Use inks, paint or glitter to add some color to your flower! If you are making 2 or more of a different size, use some cool buttons or brads.

Hope you found this tutorial useful!
Wishing you all a great weekend!

Stay creative!

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