Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Floral Gatefold mini album

Hello everybody,

Its another beautiful & sunny day here in Greece, so I am feeling extra creative :)

The previous week was rather busy, as I had a lot ideas on my mind and I wanted to use them all.

The latest project, finished today is Floral Gatefold album, and its just been uploaded to my Etsy.

This gatefold mini is made of different size pages, containing 28 pages + footer borders that can also be used for storing tags or notes.
Each pocket equals the size of the page.

Album comes with a lot of tags, ready for journaling.

All the embellishments used in this mini are made of vintage lace + paper flowers.

Here are some photos:

Wish you all a great day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Colorful Floral organizer {or album}

Hi everybody!

Today I finished my  latest project - Colorful Floral organizer {or mini album} and I wanted to share some photos with you all!

Its a very nice book containing waterfall pockets, envelope pockets with photo pads and double sliding tags, bound with leather strap for perfect closure.

This item will be available on my Etsy, so stop by sometime and check all the items I have there.

Wish you all a great week ahead.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grunge Vintage mini album

Hello everybody!

I have finally finished my {3rd copy actually} Grunge Vintage mini album, and this one will be available on my Etsy.
Grunge & vintage are my favorite styles so I really enjoyed fully working on this project.

Here are some photos of the album so you can sneak inside :)

{the cover}

Hope you liked it!

Wishing you all a great week!

Stay creative.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grunge Vintage mini album {work in progress}

Yeap, its 1:46 am and I am still up and working :)

I am currently working on a Grunge Vintage mini album, that I actually made a month ago. 
Then, the more I was looking at it, and adding final details, I decided I wanna keep it!
Momentarily I remembered {imagine} how I have tons of photos I brought from home, and there you go, now I had an excuse as well.

Ok, no big deal, I will make another one for my Etsy, I have all the supplies I need {have a weird tendency to buy everything double}. So I finally finished the second one, and instead of Etsy it got purchased by {friend of a friend you met randomly} by unexpected client. {I have to remember to brag about my projects after I upload them on Etsy!}.

So here I am now, at 1:46am making my 3rd attempt to finally finish the project and put it in my store.
Unfortunately, I ran out of supplies, and as mentioned before, Europe is the worst when it comes to scrapbooking goodies, so I finished the pages, and now I am waiting for the rest to arrive from US so I can complete the covers.

So, here are some photos of the finished pages.

Some of the flowers used in this mini are the ones I did tutorial on in the previous post. I used Distress Inks and Glitter mist to add some color to them.

Album is missing some metal embellishments and tags as well as the covers, as I am waiting for my Tim Holtz & 7 Gypsies packages to arrive.

OK, its time to {definitely!} go to bed now>>>2 am in this side of the globe!

Wish you all slow relaxing Sunday.