Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grunge Vintage mini album {work in progress}

Yeap, its 1:46 am and I am still up and working :)

I am currently working on a Grunge Vintage mini album, that I actually made a month ago. 
Then, the more I was looking at it, and adding final details, I decided I wanna keep it!
Momentarily I remembered {imagine} how I have tons of photos I brought from home, and there you go, now I had an excuse as well.

Ok, no big deal, I will make another one for my Etsy, I have all the supplies I need {have a weird tendency to buy everything double}. So I finally finished the second one, and instead of Etsy it got purchased by {friend of a friend you met randomly} by unexpected client. {I have to remember to brag about my projects after I upload them on Etsy!}.

So here I am now, at 1:46am making my 3rd attempt to finally finish the project and put it in my store.
Unfortunately, I ran out of supplies, and as mentioned before, Europe is the worst when it comes to scrapbooking goodies, so I finished the pages, and now I am waiting for the rest to arrive from US so I can complete the covers.

So, here are some photos of the finished pages.

Some of the flowers used in this mini are the ones I did tutorial on in the previous post. I used Distress Inks and Glitter mist to add some color to them.

Album is missing some metal embellishments and tags as well as the covers, as I am waiting for my Tim Holtz & 7 Gypsies packages to arrive.

OK, its time to {definitely!} go to bed now>>>2 am in this side of the globe!

Wish you all slow relaxing Sunday.

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